Superbottoms – A boon indeed!

I feel ashamed to confess that I had never heard about modern, sustainable cloth diapers until recently. My son is three months old now and I came across Superbottoms through the Instagram account of a friend. Hearing rave reviews about their eco friendly, yet comfortable and leak proof cloth diapers, I decided to give it a try, although apprehensive and dubious about the claims they put forward. I tried a basic version of their cloth diaper at first, but suffered leak issues in the beginning. Talking to their every friendly and supportive customer care, I realised there could be fit issues in my case. They were kind enough to send me few demo videos, studying which I made a few tweaks to the way I fixed the diaper on my baby. Also, I came to know that if my baby was a heavy wetter, I could need a booster along with the insert, and that especially for those babies a Superbottoms Uno would be a better option. Even a basic diaper lasted me for 1. 5 to 2 hours which was really good when compared to the langots. Nevertheless, I switched to the AIO Uno diapers and I feel as if I have done something noble now! Let me get into the details:


Superbottoms Uno lasts me for a good 5 hours during the day time with the booster on and a good 10 hours during the night. It also deserves to be said that the absorbency increased after two washes for me. And this kind of performance from a cloth diaper is exemplary!

Wash routine :

I wash the used diapers every day and hang them to sun dry. The inserts take longer to dry when compared to the shell. For me, it takes almost a day for the inserts to dry and hence, I would advise any new customer to buy extra soakers/boosters so that you could have the baby on cloth diapers every day. Hemp boosters are a worthy option for super wetters as they last longer. A boon for mothers like me I say! You may either hand wash or machine wash the diapers. I do both as and when I feel like. But I think, machine wash would be easier as it requires good agitation to completely remove the pee/poo and also to prevent detergent build up which might bring down the efficiency of the cotton inserts in the future.

Comfort :

My baby seems comfortable in the diaper and he sleeps as usual with cloth diaper on. With the booster on, I feel the diaper looks a little bulky, but I guess that couldn’t be rectified in my case as having a dry diaper on my baby is far more important than how it looks on him. Moreover, the super cool prints on the diaper shells more than make up for the bulkiness. I can’t seem to control myself from clicking pictures of him in their diapers. Seriously, such a beauty they are! Kudos to their designers!
Being an organic product, it causes no rash/Allergic reaction, which in itself is a worthy reason to invest your money in their diapers.


The cost of an individual diaper is more than a pack of disposible diapers. But you need only a maximum of 14 cloth diapers (according to their advertisement) to go through the entire diapering stage of your baby (till 3 years) as they are washable and reusable upto 300 times. You do the math and see how pocket-friendly they are.

Customer care:

The best I have ever come across! They reached out to me once I had made my order and kept in touch, solving one doubt after the other, until I got the hang of it. I would ask any new customer to not be disheartened if it does not go according to the plan in the beginning. Making that much needed shift from disposibles to cloth diaper is not easy and it takes time to get used to it. But be patient. It is definitely worth it.

Social media group:

They have a cool, fun Facebook page, scrolling through which is surely an entertainment. Also, you can discuss your issues and queries with the members who would come to your rescue in no time.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, most importantly, Superbottoms cloth diaper is a sustainable and eco-friendly product, which is indeed the need of the hour. Just think of it, a disposible diaper that we use and throw remains in the earth for around 500 years! To add to the agony, our oceans and the ecosystem that survives there suffer a lot from the plastic waste that find their way to them. Why would we as mothers contribute to the destruction of Mother earth?

To put it in one line, go buy a Superbottoms diaper and be the change that the world so badly needs now!

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